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Welcome to FAST BEAT STUDIO's website! A professional sound recording studio, situated in Dragør - Denmark, next to Copenhagen Airport.


We offer full production facilities, including Drum Recording, Mixing and Mastering. The Studio is run by Rasmus Toftlund, who has been working fulltime & professionally as a Sound & Recording Engineer the last 15 years.

Besides the sound recording studio, we also offer other services such as LIVE RECORDINGS and LIVE SOUND PRODUCTION.


Despite being close to the Airport, we have open farm fields around us and only a 5 minute walk to the Sea (Øresund). The studio itself is also on a farm on the 1st floor, and with a nice and bright recording room (about 35 sq.m.). The control room is about 30 sq.m., and is thoroughly damped for optimal mixing and mastering possibilities. Furthermore we have a cosy TV room (16 sq.m.) for relaxation.


Acces to the Studio by car, is extremely easy. Freeway to the airport, with only a short distance to drive after exiting the freeway. Transportation by foot can also be done by first going to the airport (via plane, metro, train or bus), and from there taking a bus.



Though recording digitally in Cubase, all work is done through an Analogue Mixer!



With full recall (memory) functions on the 56 channel analogue AMEK Recall Mixer, it integrates well with Cubase.