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Besides our studio facillities, we also offer Live Recordings.


The Mobile studio can record 26 TRACKS simultaneously, directly into Cubase, without any need for an exterior mixing console or similiar. It consist's of a 4 unit rack and a laptop, comes with it's own split cable, and is 100% independent.


It takes up very little space, can be setup anywhere near a stagebox (on stage or next to Front Of House). Recordings are made in 24bit - 44Khz Wave files, and should be mixed properly afterwards.


Quality is fully applicable for professional live album recording or live video recording, with the intent for commercial publishing. A technician will accompany the equipment during the entire production, making sure the best results are achieved. Post production/mixing can of course be done later at FAST BEAT STUDIO or any other studio if so desired.


Furthermore we offer the service of Sound Production for live concerts.


As Front Of House or Monitor Engineer, Rasmus Toftlund has more than 15 years of experience, with extensive touring across the world. 




A studio day cost's 2000 DKK, bundle days together to save money. All service prices HERE!



Pre show - Krakow. Doing FOH on Mnemic on the Metallica Tour 2008 in Europe.