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FAST BEAT STUDIO is equipped to record & play 24 tracks simultaneously. All mixdowns are done Out-Of-The-Box through the console. A camera-feed from the recording room is monitored in the controlroom, replacing the acousticly impractical studio window.


Cubase 6.5 is used for harddisc recording (unlimited number of tracks!), supplementet with a wide range of plugins from UAD, SSL & Sonnox. Wavelab 7 for Mastering.


Computermonitor: Full HD Panasonic 42" LCD screen. Main speakers: Genelec 1030A + KRK 10" subwoofer. Secondary Speakers: Yamaha HSM80

Audio Interface:

2 x MOTU HD192 12in/12out Balanced Xlr.


Analogue AMEK Recall From Langley 56 channels, with recall/memory functions on all settings.

Musical Eqiupment:

We can supply most of the basic music equipment such as drums, bass & guitar rigs if needed.


We naturally supply everything else you will need for sound production besides the above, from high-end microphones, cables & stands, to effects, compressors, headphones etc.




We also do Live Recordings! 26 tracks at once in professional quality. Very mobile! 


MACHINE HEAD - Krakow. The Mobile Studio recorded both Mnemic & Machine Head on the Metallica Tour of 2008.